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This week and throughout May we have been looking at some of the concepts in the book that started it all, Peter Hoehne’s book 2026 North American World Cup.  We will use excerpts from the book to look at the individual concepts and provide some additional concepts for those that need it , today we look at the pitch, what it is today and how we might change it to suit the modern game.

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Relegation lengths are:

Length (sidline): Minimum 100 yards, maximum 130 yards.

Width (end line): Minimum 50 yards, maximum 100 yards.

In 1897 the maximum length of the field was reduced from 200 yards to 130 yards, and this is where we are today. 

For international matches FIFA specifies a range for the field length of 110 yards to 120 yards and the range of the width from 70 to 80 yards.

How does this compare to a National Football League (NFL) field in the US?  The NFL field length is 100 yards and width is 53 1/3 yards (160 feet). American Fans of professional sports can immediately see an opportunity for improvement.

Law #1
The US games will be played on the NFL sized field of play in the 2026 World Cup tournament.
The excitement of the tighter game will be electrifying for the US fans, and fans around the world may push for the smaller field in their counties. We can expect more exciting play in the smaller field, especially in conjunction with the New Generation Rules.

2026 NORTH AMERICAN WORLD CUP : Capturing The New Generation Fan (HOEHNE, 2020)



The pitch size is something we have commented on before, but we thought it was worth revisiting through the lens of the book’s take on the subject.  Let us know your thoughts, should the American stadiums’ limitations be accepted, or should they have to find a way to make the field as large enough to meet standard size?


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